Friday, August 23, 2013

My mundane yet crazy days.

Early morning activity: waiting for the school bus with Adam.
Compared to his previous school, he is happy and enthusiastic to go to school every morning as there are different programs for the kids, and of course the shorter hours.

I'm carrying Ashton while waiting for the bus with Adam. Life of a mum - hands are always full.

Once back home, need to settle Ashton's breakfast and bath. After that, LAUNDRY.
After this pile gets folded and packed nicely into the cabinets, another pail is waiting in the utility kitchen. Gasp!

Play-room before: It looks like a toy shop exploded in here.
Toys strewn everywhere - living room, on the coffee table, in the balcony.........
Have to sort and keep the toys for easy finding.
Broken limbs need fixing and dead batteries need replacing.
The other night, I stepped on a Lego brick and almost slipped. ZzzzzZzz

Play-room after.
Other things on the list:
Ashton has a hacking cough, needs a trip to the paediatrician.
School bus drops Adam off at 12:30pm.
Lunch beckons.
Nap time for the kids.
Bottles to wash and sterilise before Ashton wakes up and takes another feed.
Mop floors otherwise baby crawls and eats hair or dirt from the ground.
Puts bucket of laundry into washer (clothes in my home are washed separately according to Hubby's / mine/ kids/ bedsheets).
Takes a much-warranted shower while waiting for laundry to be done.
Children wake up.
... the list goes on ....
So you see, 24 hours is hardly enough for SAHMs.
Doing this for short term or once in a while, I can handle... But if scrubbing and washing is all I do day in, day out, then I'd rather work.
I don't buy the "I work to spend time / I work for passion" bull-balls. 
If you really want to spend time, there are loads of stuff to do as a mum on any given time of the day.
If you are working for passion, I find it even harder to believe it.
I have passion for many things, be it bags, shopping, playing with the kids, photography, blogging, going to the library.... anything but work; anything but waking up to an alarm every morning; anything but having to deal with stupid people and workplace politics. I definitely do not have passion for such things related to w o r k.
Everyone works for $$$. Mums especially. Children are expensive to have.
If you would like to be able to afford holidays every year with your family, to buy nicer stuff for yourself and your kids, to afford enrichment classes, to eat at nicer places once in a while, then you have to work for it.
Just always remind yourself - nothing good in life comes easy.

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