Saturday, August 17, 2013

Our family Hong Kong trip: getting there, (almost there) Disneyland, and Lantau island.

Hi friends! We just went to Hong Kong and back, with our two ninjas in tow. Ashton's first time taking a plane. Can you believe we made it unscathed!
With the SGD-HKD exchange rate still at an attractive 1: 6.05, and with HK's summer sale still on-going, it's little wonder why so many of our friends are in HK around the same time as us.
Instead of categorising our trip according to days, I decided to group the truckload of photos according to our activities. Warning: all the photos could hurt your eyes!
The boys waiting at the airport before boarding Cathay Pacific.

The playground at Terminal 1 is awesome! Parents can have their meals in peace while the kids get busy.

Landed safely in HK. Reached our hotel. If you're wondering where to stay in HK Kowloon, my colleague recommended to me, and we highly recommend Langham Place hotel. It is conveniently situated at Mongkok, a stone's throwaway from MTR station and lots of street shopping like Argyle Centre and H&M.

Being frequent travellers to HK because my relatives stay there, we have stayed in many different hotels before. Among all the hotels we have stayed at, I would say the staff at Langham Place are very accommodating and service was excellent.
We were provided complimentary breakfast which is uncommon in HK hotels, and were granted late checkout on our last day due to our late flight timing.
Even the bellboys were very knowledgeable about directions and have suggestions for us on where to go / visit.

Even my in-laws, first-timers to HK who barely speak any Cantonese, had no problems communicating with the good people at Langham Place. Definitely thumbs up!!

Thank you Langham Place for making our stay nothing but pleasant.

Getting dressed and ready to head out to Disneyland as our first stop on our Day 1.

Took the MTR as all of us could not fit into 1 taxi. So convenient.

At the Disney line MTR.

Reached Disneyland. The weather was SUPER SCORTCHING hot can!! Until we all were starting to see stars. Reminded me of St Kildas beach in Melbourne during the hottest days of Summer.
Holy cow.
The kids couldn't endure the blazing heat especially Adam who was looking super irritated the whole time so we made a U-turn and headed to Disney Hotel for some drinks to cool down.

Super disappointed because this trip was 50% for the kids to visit Disneyland!!! Arghhhhh :(
Adam kept asking to meet Mickey Mouse and gang (as I showed him photos from his 1st HK trip).
Bummer max max max.

"No fish, prawn also can" pleasssee. At the lobby of Disney Hotel. At least we escaped the heat and managed a family shot.
Since we had time to kill, next stop: going to Lantau Island.

At the 360 Cable Car station.

Not the China Golden Week, but can you see the snaking queue behind Adam?
We ended up queuing for 2 bloody hours just to get onto one cable car.

The Crystal Cabin had better make all the waiting worth it. If you have plans on taking a cable car ride to Lantau Island, the Crystal Cabin carriage is about SGD$10 more expensive than normal cabin, but the queue for it is slightly longer than for the latter.

Ok, that's all for this post.
Will share about our experiences shopping and eating in my next post, especially about trying Michelin-star restaurants. Stay tuned :)  

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