Sunday, August 25, 2013

whadda Sunday.

Adam started limping yesterday, and God knows if it was from Ashton's birthday party, or from the previous evening when we dropped him off at Peekaboo indoor playground for 2 hours while we ran our party errands.
Whatever it is, it sure is worrying, so I asked my MIL to come over and bring us to the Chinese sinsei nearest to home.
At the Chinese sinsei, he palpated and rotated and pulled and kneaded but Adam was unable to verbalise what was wrong, so we were advised to go to the A&E department to have his leg checked out.
Went back to my in-law's place with the kids, and got Andy to come over and fetch Adam & I while Ashton was left in the care of my MIL.
At KKH A&E.....
Parents: People like us with nothing better to do on a Sunday noon and think there's no better way to spend it than waiting for hours at the A&E department.

3 hours, lots of questioning and several X-rays later.....

Poor boy now has his leg in a cast. We have to return to the hospital next week for his Orthopaedic appointment.
By the time we are done with appointments and meds, it was already 4PM.
I have spent the past 5 hours shuttling around in nothing but a raggedy T-shirt, shorts and messy hair.
Sans makeup and lunch.
What a major parenting milestone today. Plus 200 parenting points.


  1. Oh dear, sounds bad. Poor boy. And the cast is huge. Hope Adam will be up and about soon! Was it a fracture?


    1. Hey Sue :)
      sorry for the late reply. Thankfully it wasn't a fracture. More likely a sprain.
      He was back to his usual self the following day and back to school the next.

      Thank goodness!


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