Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My kind boy.

I went for Adam's teacher-parent meeting last Friday and got some updates from his teacher (who also happens to be his Principal).

She told me he was improving in his work, and he is good in his Mandarin and Math. I got similar feedback from his Chinese teacher 古老师 who said that Adam loves Mandarin and he could recognize many Chinese words.

The only thing that we need to work on is his handwriting, which can be quite messy.

Books aside, Adam's teacher (who also happens to be the school principal), shared with me that there is an Autistic child in his class, and much to her surprise, despite Adam being usually a cheeky and naughty one, he was the only one in class who was helpful and kind to this Autistic child. He was also the only one who was willing to sit beside the child, while the rest of his class mostly stayed away from this child because she was different.

She said overall, Adam is a lovable child. Adam's principal then praised me for doing a good job. #proudmummymoment

Last Christmas, we attended a church gathering and there was another Mummy who encouraged me - don't worry about making mistakes in parenting, we are all learning along the way.
That was a humbling & wonderful encouragement to me, especially since I was considered a young mum- I had Adam when I was 26, when most of my friends were not even married yet.
The only advise I had back then were from forums and other mummy-friends made online, and through my personal trial and error.

Dear son,
Although I'm so strict on you, and that I make mistakes some times, I want you to know that I love you, and that I am very proud of you.

To all other Mummies out there - don't worry about making mistakes in parenting, we are all learning along the way.
Please share this encouragement with other Mums if you think it's true!


  1. What a sweet boy. Well done, Veron!

    1. Thanks Michelle! I try to do my best and just pray and hope for the best!

      By the way CONGRATS on your Little one! :)


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