Thursday, May 1, 2014

台湾游 2014 part 2: CingJing and night market in Tai Chung.

On our last day at Tai Chung, before heading to Taipei, we visited the Evergreen Grassland.
See what my kids are up to:
"Don't bite my jewels!"

Adam had a love-hate relation-sheep. He loved to feed them, but he hated their saliva. Kidssss...
This friendly ewe kept following Adam around like a dog, so cute!

Adam with Mei Hua ah-yi... This is the 2nd time we booked her. She's really excellent at all the planning. As a matter of fact, we only told her the dates we would be going to Taiwan, and roughly what we had in mind, eg. to stay at hot spring... bringing 2 young kids, with in-laws, etc... and she had brilliantly arranged E V E R Y T H I N G.
We only had to turn up, and pay up. LOLssss

Mei Hua ah-yi can be reached at:

mobile / Whatsapp: 0932-295277
Line ID: may chao

At Taroko Mountain, with an elevation of 3282 metres.

Lunch beckoned. We had this "Ong zai chicken".. these urns (ong zai) were what the chickens were cooked in.

Makan on top of mountain sure everything also tastes niceeeee

"Ong zai" chicken

After lunch, we went to the Tai Chung night market.

The stuff at Tai Chung were 50% cheaper than those sold at Taipei night market.

Remembered eating pork blood cubes at Yung Tao Foo stalls with my parents when I was a little girl... Then suddenly Singapore stopped selling... so whenever I see them overseas.......I love PORK BLOOD CUBES!!!

After this meal, we walked around Tai Chung night market, where I bought many boxes of 我的美麗日記 (My Beauty Diary) face masks, which came in Bird's Nest/ Caviar/ Wine yeast/ Pearl etc flavours... Sounds so good to be put on the face!
After all the shopping and walking, our guide Mei Hua Ah-yi drove us all the way to Taipei.

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