Saturday, May 3, 2014

台湾游 2014 part 3: Chiong night markets and eating in Taipei!!

The place we stayed in Taipei was called 民生西路 (Min Sheng Xi Lu)... just in front of Shuang Lian TRTC (mrt) station.
We stayed at an apartment (Min su/ 民宿) which was clean, convenient and cheap. Only sgd$106/night!
Walked around in the morning for breakfast and were spoilt for choice on what to eat.

Took a cab to Chrome Hearts boutique at No. 37-1, Chung Shan North Road, Section 2... Almost everything OOS, then open boutique for what. Left empty-handed. Damn you, CH!

So Hubby and I went to do hair instead. Had the most orgasmic head and neck massage, hair wash and tong styling for only SGD$10!!! So cheap!! SO love!!!

Hubby had a haircut..

Taipei 101, we meet again.

At Xi Men Ding

At Shilin Night Market where the kids played a myriad of games.

Ashton 人小小 also clever to play, until he won a small Thomas toy.

Preserved snakes in Chinese wine and turtle testicles (睾丸 gao wan) at a corner of Shilin night market.

It's true when they say the Chinese eat every damn thing that moves man!

Snake soup tastes like herbal chicken soup. Really.

The moment we reached our 民宿 after all the night market shopping at Shilin, Hubby & I left the kids with my in-laws while we chiong another night market just a stone's throwaway from our apartment, Ning Xia night market (寧夏夜市). Gawd... we just died and went to seafood heaven.
Palm-sized oysters anyone?

The further we walked along 寧夏夜市 Ning Xia, the more food we came upon. Uniiii~!!!! So fresh that it was still alive when we picked it.
We gorged ourselves silly with the food, then bought fruits from roadside stall, and went back to apartment eat some more. Never been so happy from eating!
On the last day, before heading to Tao Yuan airport, we had to stop by Chia Te to queue for their famous pineapple tarts and Wife cakes. Of course we did.
As we reached there early, we only queued for about 10 minutes. By the time we left, there was a snake queue forming outside the shop.

Chia Te Bakery
No. 88, SEc 5, Nanjing East Rd,, Taipei.

After queuing and paying for them, we went to Yang Ming Shan.

Lily garden at Yang Ming Shan

Had lunch at Yang Ming Shan and then had to come back to Singapore
That's all for our Taiwan trip. I'm packing up and getting ready to jet off to Bangkok next week for Mother's Day celebration. Have a great celebration, wherever you are!


  1. Hi Veron,

    Happen to see your blog. I am also planning to bring my kid to Taiwan. May I know which hotel u stayed in? Is it convenient? As I am bringing my parents and kid along.


    1. Hi dear,
      The hotel we stayed for the hot spring was in Taichung, called 蜜月錧大饭店/ honeymoon hotel at Nantou county.

      The minsu we stayed in Taipei was someone's apartment... Unfortunately I don't have the name because it was a contact from my tour guide .

      Have a good trip!



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