Monday, July 28, 2014

[Recommendation] One-stop furniture resource website in Singapore.

Good day Mummies and Daddies!
If you're on the search for children's furniture, second-hand furniture, or any kind of furniture, for the matter, I have a website to share with you.

When we first got the keys to our home, we had a long time sourcing for affordable yet good-quality furniture. Andy and I would drive to different industrial areas on weekends to look for the furniture we want, take photos, and compare prices.
Some photos of our crib when it was first done up:

A result from sourcing and buying from all different furniture shops *sweats*

If we had known of back then, our lives would've been made easier!
From main page, click on View All Listings for the full list of resources. There's also a link to Buy Children's Furniture in Singapore.

Some of the relevant links on to us parents would be their Children's furniture link (from the main page, click on View All Listings) and Where to find cheap furniture link.
So if you're like me and think only IKEA has affordable furniture in Singapore, you'll be in for a surprise!
Their children furniture link shows shops for all price range - from cheap to the Atas (high class), and you will be thrilled by the wide selection of colourful single beds/ bunk beds/ storage shelves/ study tables available.

I've browsed through and find that it is a useful one-stop website that lets you do some research and browsing of price range before heading down to make your purchase.
This will be very time-saving and cost-effective as you know you won't be doing hit-and-miss like we did when we were furnishing our first home.

For example, I especially like Piccolo House for their stylish and affordable children furniture which is brilliant if you're seeking to build a Montessori-themed bedroom for the tods.
Clean, white Montessori-style furniture or themed, colourful ones, your little tykes will be spoilt for choice!

Setting up a Montessori-style bedroom for your children. Idea adapted from , and fellow Mummy blogger Lynn.

Hope you found this website useful to you, and Happy long weekend.
Selamat Hari Raya to all our Muslim mummies and daddies and kiddos :)


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