Sunday, July 13, 2014

[Review] Canon Powershot D30 Waterproof camera.

Adam is always telling me he wants to be a diver when he grows up, and he loves water more than anyone can imagine.
Every Sunday for about a year now, you can be sure to catch us at Pasir Ris Swimming Complex as that's where he has his weekly swimming lessons with Desmond from DolpSwim school.
So when Canon released a spanking new semi-pro camera which is also waterproof, I knew I had to lay my hands on it!
Introducing the new Canon Powershot D30!

Price: $350* (prices may vary from different authorised retailers).
Ease of usage: It's small and compact with minimal functions and it's pretty fool-proof even for beginners.
Other specifications: 2m shock-resistant, can go to water depth of up to 25 metres.
Cautions when using: Be sure to rinse off excess water after going into pool or sea.
Avoid using in hot springs or mineralised water.
We got it yesterday and immediately started testing it today.
I would say it's very handy for any photoshoot that involves water - diving/ swimming/ resort getaways. Love it!
If your kids love adventures and you want a not-too-costly digicam, this is the camera for you!

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