Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Club Med Phuket December 2015 - Day 2.

{Phuket Day 2}
With the kids enjoying themselves at the Mini Club, Hubby & I went ahead and booked a full day excursion to island-hop around Phi Phi.
Thetrip is from 0730am (bus pick-up) - 6pm (reach resort), which meant that we had to hire a babysitter from 0730am - 0830am before the Mini Club opens, and subsequently from 4:30PM - 6PM till we got back.
Beware of people touting prices for Phi Phi island excursions as they mark up about double of the intended prices.
If possible, book your excursion directly from the tour agencies (those small pop-up agencies or counters) around your resort and you can bargain to 1400 baht per pax, instead of 3000 baht per pax.
The full-day excursion includes 2 snorkeling sessions, with lunch and drinks provided.
The day started off beautifully with bright sun and calm seas.

snorkeling phi phi island hopping mumzilla singapore travelogue travel blog

snorkeling phi phi island travelogue travel blog mumzilla

On this trip, we saw lots of sea urchins. They were littered everywhere on the sea bed!

Hubby enjoying ice-cream in the warm sun after the snorkel :)
When we got back to our resort, the kids were waiting in our room with their babysitter.
They were both bathed and changed and eating on the bed, and according to them, they both had fun at the Mini Club. Nothing is more relieving that your children telling you they had fun while you were away!
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