Tuesday, December 15, 2015

[Travel Tuesday] Clubmed Phuket December 2015 - Day 1

We just came back from Phuket this morning and I thought it would be ideal to do a "Travel Tuesday" post!
We put up at Club Med during our stay and the kids enjoyed themselves at the Mini Club and Petite Club so much!

Kids 4-7 go to Mini Club (Free)
Children below 4 go to Petite Club (chargeable at 1900 baht per full day)
Club opening hours are 0830am - 4:45pm.
Additional hours that you require after the Club closes will be charged at 100 baht/ hour for a babysitter.
Club Med Phuket

Checking out the Mini Club was the first thing we did after dumping our suitcases in the room!

After Adam and Ashton went to the Mini Club, we went around the resort and to nearby Kata beach to recce our surroundings.


Did pretty awesome things on the first day like climb a tree.....
and Parasailing...

After hanging out at the beach, we went back to the resort at 4pm for the Mini Club kids party.

The water slide was fun! Both boys went for it for 2 rounds.

Our kids more happening than us - having a swell time at their foam party while parents could only stay on the outside of the foam pit to watch.. LOL

Adam made a new friend, Hayden, a fellow Singaporean boy from Opera Estate Primary :)

 We have been to many holidays with the kids the past several years and I can tell you, anywhere with sun, sand, and copious amounts of water are the perfect ingredients for a Happy Family Vacation recipe!
As a sidenote, however, the service at Club Med Phuket falls short of some of the resorts and hotels we have been to, for eg. Shangri-La Cebu, W and Westin hotels.
For an instance, check out timing is at 11:00am instead of the largely universal 12noon, and requests for late check-outs are charged at 300 baht per hour per room (Club Med charges per pax instead of per room, so for a family of 4 like us, we were given 2 rooms)
Other than that, we were quite happy with everything else - 3 square meals provided in the resort, free alcohol and drinks. Yay to all you alcoholic anonymous out there! :)
Their rooms also do not come with toiletries and terry cloth slippers, and I understand it is part of their committment to reduce environmental waste, so if you are a first-time guest to Club Med, please bring along toiletries.
Do check back soon for our Day 2 and Day 3 photo installment :)

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