Sunday, November 15, 2015

Home Team Festival Singapore 2015.

Andy is away for a fishing trip this weekend so the question beckons, what does a solo parent do with two kids?
Being alone means I have a tall order - must be convenient for me to travel to, fun and engaging for the boys, inexpensive.
I brought them to the Home Team Festival at Singapore Expo Hall 3 because my resourceful mummy-friend Serene recommended it, and true to her recommendation, it was impressive!
Before attending the exhibition, I thought Home Team security was only Police force and SCDF.
I can't be more wrong!
So what is the Home Team?
Ans: Home Team comprises ten agencies:
Ministry of Home Affairs Headquarters (MHQ),
Singapore Police Force (SPF),
Internal Security Department (ISD),
Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF),
Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA),
Singapore Prison Service (SPS),
Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB),
Home Team Academy (HTA),
Casino Regulatory Authority (CRA), and
Singapore Corporation of Rehabilitative Enterprises (SCORE).
home team singapore expo mumzilla Adam ashton Tan
My boys love to play-pretend to be fire fighters, policemen, and soldiers.
You won't believe their collection of guns, hand-cuffs, helmets and vests we have at home.

The K9 demo was really good, too!
Sky, you have a lot of catching up to do.

The kiddy activities:
home team singapore expo police scdf mumzilla ashton tan tian yang

See your little ones dress up as little Matars and get their photos taken!

home team singapore 2015 expo mumzilla adam tan tian kai
Or let the friendly fire fighters help your children up on these hugeass fire engines.

singapore home team expo 2015 mumzilla veron zhen adam tan ashton tan
Groupie shot with my fire fighters!

home team singapore expo 2015 mumzilla sg mom blogger

The fun didn't end at the Festival. We spent the afternoon doing craft work at home!
No gadgets today = major win for me :D
Now everyone is happy.
Today is the last day for Home Team Festival 2015.

Admission and activities were free, except for parking and food of course.
Everyone was given a goodie bag + a fire fighter's hat.
Follow their Facebook page, "Home Team Festival", for more updates on the next exhibition :)

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