Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween 2015: Merry-not-scary Safari Boo! at Singapore River Safari.

Last year, the kids enjoyed themselves at Safari Boo! event held by Singapore River Safari, with lots of candies and treats, so this year we decided to go again.
Safari boo halloween, singapore mom blogger
Getting our outfits and props ready.

Kids enter free and adults pay $20 for non-members of the Wildlife Reserves Singapore.

My little monster vampires. The devil's forks, capes, and treat bag were from Daiso.

Merry-not-scary Halloween with Pinocchio and his puppeteer, Mister Geppetto.

My friendly monsters.

manatees, dudongs

manatees, dudongs, sea cows, singapore river safari, singapore mom blogger

stingrays, singapore river safari

The boys were disappointed with the significantly reduced amount of candies this year, thus we then treated them to Paddlepop.

river safari singapore, kids sg, singapore mom blogger, halloween safari boo


We were rather disappointed that this year, the fairies and wizards gave out small toys and stationery instead of candies and treats.
I think it must either be:
1) Parents complaining of the "not healthy" snacks, OR
2) River Safari decided to cut costs.
Either which, it really is a major BOO to us as treatin' was what the kids looked forward to!
And I even declined the Kids Fest meet-and-greet with Gruffalo on 1st November because I knew the kids would sleep in late....
Anyway.... below are the links to our Halloween in 2014:
Looks like we shall have to look for other activities next Halloween.

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