Sunday, November 8, 2015

{sponsored} Simply Life: Quality products from parents to other parents.

Once upon a time (in 2004), there was a couple named Gilbert and Yih Min, who decided to start their own business, Creative Moms Pte Ltd, which caters to the needs of mothers, babies, toddlers and the home.
The couple have three boys themselves and know the frustration parents face with lack of quality and safe children products.

The idea of Simply Life came up in recent years when Gilbert and Yih Min believed that a brand based on hope and positivity can better inspire people.
Gilbert's enthusiasm and strategic planning, coupled with Yih Min's creativity, saw the birth of their fourth child, Simply Life.

simply life mumzilla sg mom blogger bamboo towel
We received their signature bamboo towel, and a BPA-free water bottle.

"Mummy, my water bottle is so nice" said Ashton to me :)

singapore mom blogger mumzilla bpa free bottle simply life
It had all the vehicles he loved.

singapore mom blogger veron zhen bamboo towel simply life
As a first time bamboo towel user, I'm loving its soft texture.
I've never bought it before as I thought bamboo towels sounded a little gimmicky.
I've always stuck to terry cloth towels before, but I guess the softness and absorbency of bamboo has really impressed me.

It is Sooooo much easier to dry my impatient, wriggling imps! Especially their wet hair after a shower.

simply life bamboo towel Veron zhen mumzilla singapore mom blogger
Measurement: 120×60 cm; comes in pink, baby blue, and white.
Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

I don't know which is softer - my baby's skin or the bamboo towel.
Apart from bamboo towels and BPA-free bottles, there are many more quality products Simply Life has to offer of course!
We could not attend the Simply Life launch party, but fellow mummy Beverly did, so head on to her blog to check out more photos and her account of the product review :)
Photo source: Hello Little Sunshine
For a full range of their available products, please go over to Simply Life's website.
They offer free delivery if you order more than SGD$60 worth of products.
Thank you Simply Life for sending us the bamboo towel and water bottle even though we were unable to make it to the launch party.
Ashton won't go anywhere without his new bottle now :)

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