Sunday, November 1, 2015

Married couple's date: Hermes Leather Forever exhibition and dinner at CUT.

Went on a date with my husband tonight.
No, I don't mean putting the kids to sleep at 9pm and sneaking out for a midnight movie, nor that one hour dinner-and-grocery-trip when Adam is at enrichment.
I meant a real, doll-up, wear skyscraper heels, put makeup on, kinda date.
I'm excited as it has been a long while since we went anywhere besides a quick trip to the movies or simply without the kids, for the matter.
There was no occasion too. It was simply a "just because" date for just the two of us as we felt like we could use some time without audiences in the bathroom.
I have to confess - this would be my first time going to Marina Bay Sands, apart from the one time I attended a D&D at the Convention Centre, which doesn't count, really.
We started the evening by strolling over from MBS to Art Science Museum next door, for the Hermes Leather Forever exhibition.
Singapore Art Science Museum
Singapore Art Science Museum

Leather line-up.

hermes croc porosus leather pink
Did you know? The Porosus leather has a pore on every single scale (that white pinhole you see).

Ostrich skin has bumps from where the quills were plucked.

At the craftsman station.

saddle stitch hermes kelly sellier 28 anemone
The craftsman demonstrating to me how to do a saddle stitch.

hermes birkin, kelly anemone 28 sellier, craftsman, artisan
Posing with the craftsman with a finished Hermes Kelly Sellier in Anemone, PHW, size 28.
Thanks for being so nice, Mr Artisan.

Did you know? It takes averagely 15 hours (subjective to the individual craftsman) to complete a Kelly bag, not including the time spent pick out and prepping the leather and materials!

Here's a video on how a Hermes Kelly bag is made:


hermes leather forever exhibition Singapore marina bay sands MBS

cut wolfgang puck michelin chef MBS marina bay sands singapore
After the exhibition, we had dinner at CUT, by Wolfgang Puck - an American steakhouse and bar by an Austrian Michelin chef.

wolfgang puck CUT michelin chef steakhouse MBS Marina bay sands

Warm asparagus with poached egg, mushroom marmalade, and warm bacon vinaigrette. CUT wolfgang puck
From left to right: Warm asparagus with poached egg, mushroom marmalade, and warm bacon vinaigrette.
Yukon gold potatos puree.
Angus beef steak.
Wild field mushrooms with Shishito peppers (this is sooo nice you can eat it on its own!).

angus beef steak, cut wolfgang puck, porterhouse
The cardinal dish - our Australian Angus, 300+ days grain-fed aged 35 days beef steak, Porterhouse 990gm for two persons.

twg tea MBS singapore Marina Bay Sands
After the heavy dinner, we went downstairs to TWG for some warm tea.

My husband, with his No-shave November, or Movember, is like Dan Bilzerian, minus the cash, private jet, and b*tches girls.

twg tea MBS singapore mom blogger veron zhen mumzilla
The secret to being happy is to "work like you don't need the money, love like you've never been hurt, dance like nobody's watching, sing like nobody's listening, and live like it is Heaven on earth."
- William W. Purkey.
For those of you who are interested in the Hermes LEATHER FOREVER, the exhibition is from 25 Oct - 13 Dec 2015.
10AM - 7PM daily.
10AM - 9PM on Fridays.
Admission free.

hermes leather forever exhibition singapore MBS marina bay sands Veron zhen Mom blogger

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