Saturday, April 3, 2010

Adam's Birthday Banner

Customising Adam's banner was met with some glitches, particularly with a highly-raved printing company who has printed many children's birthday banners.

I shan't disclose that company name for privacy reasons, but he wanted to charge me additional $10 for "designing fee" - which was really to crop away the background of my original photo. I obligingly agreed to the additional charge, but the final draft sent to me was CRAP.

Nevermind that I couldn't customise the banner because the guy told me that all the available design templates are already on the web, but the cropping was done shabbily and made Kai's head look out of shape. How can anyone say yes to this lousy excuse of an artwork I really am clueless.
This isn't to say all moms should avoid this company, I have read some positive feedback hence I had emailed them, but maybe I'm the unlucky one. Shrug. Move on.

Back to the topic.
I was met with no choice but to design my own banner, and 'cuse me, I think I can do a better job at cropping.


Mickey & gang photo courtesy of Disney

So yeah this is gonna be Baby Kai's birthday banner, and we're gonna bring it to a printer to have it done. I just hope I got the dimensions right :D

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