Saturday, May 1, 2010

Baby Expo 30 April - 02 May 2010

Venue: Singapore Expo, Hall 4A
Dates: 30 April Friday - 02 May 2010 Sunday
Time: 11am - 9pm daily.

Took leave, and went with Aunty Meena & her sis-in-law Jothi on the 1st day of the Baby fair to get her last-minute baby-shopping done. I woke up early and fed/watered/bathed Baby Kai, and we took a 10min drive to Expo. Living in the East rocks!

We all arrived at 11am, and did our shopping inside. I let Baby Kai play on the Evenflo exersaucers, but as I expected, he doesnt enjoy them very much. Baby Kai isn't really into toys. He enjoys interaction and using his hands. Then we moved on to every booth and sniffed out good buys like hounds on narcotics.

Now, what good deals did we aunties-and-a-baby snag?
There was a booth selling really cheap and authentic Carters bibs, Carters rompers and Korean baby clothes. Bought 1 sleeper pants with dog-print for only $10! Carters bibs went 3 for $10, and rompers 5 for $20.
Also bought a Pigeon Mag Mag sippy for Kai.

So kawaii!

Aunty Meena's NUK loot and Moo Moo Kow cloth diapers, a cheaper alternative to Bumwear. 3 pc covers + 6 inserts for only $85.

I felt the BEST buy for the day was this Combi Miracle Turn DX lightweight stroller for only $566! RRP is $629. With this purchase, a Combi bath seat is thrown in for FREE. What a steal right!

"Mummy can I climb onto the chair?" My lil rascal has upgraded to climbing furniture at home. After his breakfast (and before we left the house) when I was doing the dishes, he climbed onto the coffeetable and grinned at me when I emerged from the kitchen.

After the baby fair, I sent Meena and Jothi home and brought Baby Kai to my mum's, where we went to Causeway Point for Yakun kaya toast and more shopping at Kiddy Palace.
By dusk, Baby Kai & I were sticky, oily and sweaty but we enjoyed ourselves so much. One of the rare times where I wasn't working and could spend 24hours with my darling munchkin. Life is bliss :)

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