Friday, January 27, 2012

About living as married couple

Apart from keeping seperate bank accounts, Andy & I also keep seperate toilets. Yes - we have a His & Her toilet in our household.
He has very graciously accepted the master bedroom toilet as his, whirlpool and all, while I humbly take the common toilet as mine. No issues with me, since I've used the tub less than 5 times since its installation. Adam obviously uses it more than the 2 of us combined.
Taking the common toilet also means I have one less bathtub to scrub.
Most importantly, I do not have to wake up in the middle of the night to pee and find myself rudely awakened by sitting on drops of yellow PEE on the toilet bowl rims!!!!!

I take pride in my toilet. There is always soap and perfume available, and it's always clean.
This evening, I happened to walk past Andy's toilet to the MBR to get clothes when a whiff of AMONIA attacked my sensitive nasal passages. This calls as a crisis which cannot wait till the part-time helper arrives.
I went to Andy's toilet to check it out and found out that his toilet bowl is filthy and pee-stained and I had to hold my breath and scrub the toilet bowl. All for my adorable husband. This man must have a bladder in overdrive to turn a whole toilet bowl yellow. Ever heard of "Love me, love my dog?" *hysterical laughter*

Marriage is hard work I tell ya.
And my point? I dont know what my point is after all this typing because I'm dead tired and wish to sleep this instant.
But I wanna say - Andy is a filthyshitbag and I'm the one who is an angel. That's my point. The end.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dad's 60th 大寿 - 20 Jan 2012

My ol' paps celebrated his 60th birthday on last Friday by throwing a 10-course dinner for 60 at Peony Jade.
Consisting of our relatives and his childhood friends, he did have a grand time that night :)

My aunts and our relatives from Aussie.

Dad's childhood friends whom he grew up catching longkang fish and played marbles together.

more Childhood friends.

His pretty (ahem) daughter and son-in-law and his favourite (one & only) grandson.

Hongkie relatives

Longevity peaches for every table, every guest

Adam's present to Grandpa

[still waiting for my bro's photos as he was the other photographer that night :]

Friday, January 20, 2012

Taiwan, Jan 2012

Finally our Taiwan trip photos are up. What a painstaking process it was editing and uploading those photos.

The link to the album can be found here. For your visual pleasure.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 - the beginning.

2012 has been big and busy for us thus far. We just came back from Taiwan, and the photos are taking FOREVER to load on Picasa.

Adam officially starts Nursery. That's right! My baby is going to official school now!! He's my forever baby, no doubt he's turning 3 in 4 month's time, but still the thought of my pesky little baby who still can't use the potty / sleep on his own/who wants me to be there all the time, well it's just very hard to stomach the fact.

He's attending school at Learning Vision which is at my workplace, so every morning Andy drops me off to work and Adam off to school (I can't deal with the fighting and crying when we need to part). In the evenings, my FIL comes to fetch us home.
The first week has ended, and has been full of emotions for Adam, especially since he still hasn't gotten used to the new environment, new friends and new teachers. When asked, he replies that his friends have no names, and his teachers have no names. That's NOT true of course! But it's just his way of expressing that he hasn't gotten used to them yet.
Poor kid.

As for us adults, the grandparents get the weekend duty which allows me plenty of time to catch up on lost sleep, and my me-time.
Ok I'm feeling lethargic just typing this post. I need to go sleep now. (even though I just woke up an hour ago)... Zzzzzzz

Friday, December 30, 2011

Wedding of Angeline & Sean

My long time friend, Angeline, tied the knot today at Fullerton Hotel.
Since secondary school, we always knew that Angeline would excel in everything she does. She came from the top class, quit polytechnic to join SIA after getting our O's, and now she has left the airline to venture into something else, where she met her sweetheart Sean, the man who would ask her hand in marriage. Together, they bought a dream home and finally decided to get married on this fateful day.
So really, it didnt come to any of us as a surprise that they would have a lavish & glamorous wedding - she would only deserve the best!

I love weddings - so happy and full of love, laughter, surrounded by friends :)
Here's wishing Angeline & Sean a lifetime of happiness and bliss.

My friends whom I've known for 15 years!! Missing in action is Carol - she's currently in a place where we'll be flying to tomorrow (TW) =P

My precious boys.

P.S. I really like the fascinator, so easy to wear and instantly glams up any outfit, especially now that I'm trying to grow out my hair again. I should buy another one in white or beige feathers to match light-colored outfits :D

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Batam - Dec 2011

We followed my MIL to spend Xmas with her brother in Batam.
It was Adam's first time boarding a ferry to Batam (even though he's already took a ferry ride to Macau) and now that he is old enough to understand what a ferry ride is, he was understandably very excited.

He's been telling everyone that he's going to "ride a boat" but when he finally boarded the ferry, he fell asleep and by the time he woke up, we docked. Poor boy was so disappointed that he "didnt" get to take his boat ride that he cried.

At Andy's uncle's house

Happy Boxing Day

Kelong seafood

Stopping for coffee and yogurt at nearby mall

Self-entertaining kiddo

MIL and her brother

cheeky monkey

While waiting for us to finish sucking our crab claws, licking fish bones and pigging out, Adam sang himself a Happy Birthday song and blew out his "candles on a cake" HAHAHAHA my silly boy is bored.

I spent 2 full days without warm water to bathe in, no internet, no wi-fi, no gadgets.... but had lots of spicy food, kelong seafood and more seafood. Until I became sick, literally!
And we nearly couldnt make it back because no more ferries! We managed to get the last ferry home and by the time we cleared customs and got home, it was already 11.30pm. I took a long warm bath and crashed. My own home never felt this good.
I'm now on MC trying to recover from fever and sore throat. Bummer!

Need to get well soon so that I can enjoy my Taipei trip this weekend :)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Yuletide Party 2011

Kickstarted the year-end parties on Saturday 17 Dec 2011 with BBQ and booze.

This is the real Birthday cake for deserving Dec babies - a 2-tier lychee martini. Yums!

We had lots of Cosmos, Mohjitos, White Russian and red wine going on last night

Things are heating up. Time to start feeding the people!

The hosts =)

"Santa Claus" entertaining the children

3 kids who speak 3 different languages put their differences aside and play in harmony. Adam graciously shared his toys with the kids and let them play in his bedroom. It's truly amazing.
I couldn't have asked for a better child. I'm so proud of you Adam. You are mummy's shining star =)

The guys gave Hubs a doll - a life-sized one - for good measure

You can't run away from this Honey.

Jason looks with admiring eyes and pouty lips

Taking turns to blow her... Sounds wrong!

Raymond got the largest lungs HAHAHA

thanks peeps for coming to our first year-end party held at our humble home.
It was great honor having so many family and friends to celebrate with us and we had a swell time...
Paul got drunk and went hugging my FIL and said to him "You're a good man"... (what the..???!) and my all-time Cheena Dad actually even liked mingling with our "ang moh" guests because he was impressed that they liked Singapore more than UK.
My Dad is the type of person who thinks Chinese people should always be proud of our roots and why should we have English names when Caucasians don't have chinese names yadayadayada.. so you can imagine what a huge sigh of relief I heaved last night.

It is always tiring to throw parties but all the effort is worth it eventually.
And I had lots of help from our helper Linda in restoring our messy house to "showroom" condition again this morning. Thank you Linda.

Life is not always a bed of roses, there will be times some people come and go, and then there are some who just want to be with you in happy times but once the honeymoon is over, they're out the door.
Only Family and true Friends are the real angels whom God sent to comfort us during our darkest times, to steer us onto the right paths when we stray, and to share our most joyous and happiest moments in life.
You guys made it happen, and we hope to host more fabulous parties in future =)
p.s. We will be packing up and first, celebrating Xmas with my MIL's family in Indonesia, then flying to Taipei to usher in 2012.

Bye guys and Yummy holidays!
Love ,
Veron, Andy, Adam.