Sunday, December 4, 2011

Welcome a new princess to this world

Let's welcome a new member of our expanding gang - Baby Janelle =)
It's always nice to have a girl around.

Pretty Serene and her precious bundle

Uncle Jason hands-on practical lessons Hahahaha

After that, proud new-Dad YQ, Jason, Erin, Andy & I adjourned to Robertson Quay for wagyu beef dinner. Yumsss!!

Got wagyu tongue somemore. Never even heard of before man.

lovely charcoal grill on a cold rainy night. Superb!

Congratulations to Serene & Yong Qiang on the arrival of their princess.
Seeing them so happy on such a joyous occasion makes me feel very blessed to be able to share their joy too.

Lastly, let's welcome them to a whole new world of nappies, milk bottles, tantrums, sleepless nights, empty wallets, messy home, but also loads of laughter, love and a legacy.

There comes a point in life when fun no longer means clubbing, drinking, staying out 'till 4am or thinking about yourself first!
Fun means Disney movies, family dinners, bedtime stories, long cuddles, a messy house, sleeping by 10pm and hearing little voices say "I love you."
Becoming a parent doesn't change you, it makes you realize that the little people that YOU created deserve the very best of your time! ♥

Thursday, December 1, 2011

So it's December...

The year has absolutely flew past.
In 2011, I have:
- moved into our own place
- become a monthly WWF donor
- changed jobs twice
- to wait for my exam results which determine whether I can pass my Bsc in Nursing *fingers crossed*
- learnt some important lessons in life which they don't teach you in school

Anyway, to wrap the year up, Happy holidays from Andy, Veron & Adam!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Santa came early

The tree is up, the ornaments are up, and we're waiting for the presents to fill.
I'm enjoying every bit of it :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Our first Xmas

Even though Adam is already 2.5 yo, this will be our first Xmas spent together as a nuclear family unit, and in our first home.
As such, it marks a remarkable occasion for us and I've already fantasized about our very first Xmas tree months ahead!

Tonight, Andy & I went out to buy a 5" tree and some ornaments. It's gonna be a Gold-and-Red Xmas for us this year.
I did some Googling on the internet and found that nurseries actually carry real fir trees. Yeap. Those that you sit in a pot and water them. Real fir vs plastic? We chose plastic in the end because of the practicality. I'm not entirely sure how we're gonna transport it from the nursery and dispose it when it dies because obviously we dont have a fireplace to burn it.

Anyway, back to our plastic tree. Will post up photos of the actual tree when we get down to assembling it.

I'm so excited. Excuse me while I do some cart-wheels!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Meena turned 30-s e v e n!

Celebrated my old Babe's 37th birthday today. Actually her birthday was in Oct so this comes as a belated celebration. Wahh time flies man. I dont even know how many birthdays we've celebrated together....

Uncle Ramesh looking to see whether money falls from the ceiling ah??

Eh aunty... like that who dares to eat your saliva after that!

Date with the Babes ;)

Birthdays, weekends, holidays... We love any excuse for a get-together. Love love love my auntiesss :D

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

God sent an Angel... a sleeping Angel.

Life with a toddler can be filled with challenges, to say the least. Ask Adam to brush his teeth, he brushes the switches on the toilet wall. Cook him a nice meal, he spits it out and glares at me with his deep-set eyes. I'm sure I must've mistaken rat poison for organic brown rice.
Yes, don't I simply love it.
Ask him to stop the iPad business and get his bum to bed, he throws himself on the cold hard floor and bawls so hard, I have to look under the sofa to make sure his eyeballs didn't roll out unintentionally. Absolute parenthood bliss.

But I do adore him tremendously. He is not a grouchy waker, he greets you in the mornings with a full-on grin and chants "Mummy, Mummy, Mummy" [repeat 581 times].
He's also very self-assured and is Ok to play on his own most of the time. We have no trouble parting ways at school, which is great, and when he's not being naughty, this boy is just pure love.

On days that he is not a monkey (read: rarely), like today, the world seem right again.

God sent us an Angel. In diapers. We have not started potty-training yet, because the Angel is simply not ready. Oh well, we'll worry about the potty another time.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Building our green balcony

The balcony is arguably my favourite hangout in our home, and we are constantly thinking of ways to add on to the green facade.

Last Sunday, we gave these plants a new home.

Our pond is now home to 12 Koi fishes now, who are overfed by our dear son and super greedy, always begging for food ;p

Relaxing in the zen garden, sipping coffee and burying my head in a good read... The simple pleasures in life.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Shangri-La wedding

It feels so surreal - I can't quite bring myself to believe that my crazy gal-pal said "I Do" tonight and vowed the rest of her life to KW... but not without her signature crying... on stage... on mic.... Charmaine why you always cryyyyyy???? Hahahahaha

People asked me how I knew the bride. Ours is such a simple yet complicated friendship.
We started from being online friends on dog forums, then we became shopping/gossiping buddies, we are a trio of sisters (Meena, Charm & I), and we even bought units in the same project, making us neighbours. We fought, we cried, we made up and we went back to square one.

I wish my friend/sister/neighbour a new journey into love and happiness, building on the beautiful family that she so deserves to have :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

More Xmas shopping

After much deciding, we finally went to BQMart today and bought a (not-so) small BBQ pit for our balcony.
At the store, there were gas grills, charcoal grills, electric grills.... tall ones, short ones... Why so many choices one?!

We initially only wanted a tiny portable pit which can be easily stowed away after the party but upon seeing so many different ones on display, not to mention with the help of the very enabling sales staff, in the end we settled for a Charcoal grill with side tables.

We even bought red wine flavoured wood chips and other accessories to go along.

On a sidenote, my staghorns are thriving. I feed my stags bananas + skin once awhile if I happen to eat them and water them twice a week. They practically live on air and are so easy to care for :)

Now all we need is a Xmas tree and lotsa bubblies! .. . oOo0oOO00O

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Universal Studios SIN - with the Twiss'

A's mum is here in town so we decided to bring the kids and her out to do something touristy.

Daddy & son go on the dinosaur ride

Ole ole, ole ole~~~ I wanna move it move it~ Adam's FAVOURITE

We had a blast today! Could see the kids were really happy - played until sticky and sweaty also don't care.
We went on so many rides and saw so many shows and Adam's favourite has got to be the Madagascar boat ride because he wanted to go on it again and again.

We're having the BEST time of our lives every single day. Love love love it ;)