Monday, December 14, 2009

Playdate Monday

It was Daddy's Birthday and I took sick leave cos I couldn't wake up on time to go to work.
In the noon, I decided to bring Darling Adam to my aunt's place to socialise with his cousins.

The kids learned how to share toys and make friends.

and they learned simple social skills like passing property to one another and they learned that they don't win all the time.

Then there was nap time where Jiahui (my cousin's daughter) & Adam both slept.
Jiale (my cousin's son) is rocking Adam to sleep in his hammock. How brotherly!

I was really happy and proud that the kids didn't fight and had a fab time getting along :)
When Adam woke up, it was time to go fetch Daddy for the Birthday Boy's cake-cutting session! More about that in another post :D

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