Sunday, December 6, 2009

More out & about.

What a super duper BUSY few weeks before X'mas and New Year.
It's lotsa shopping, shopping, and MORE shopping, friends' weddings, work & family :)

Woke up extra early at 9am on a Sunday (by Daddy's standards anyway) and went grocery shopping.
Baby A was still in his PJs because he just woke up. After grocery-shopping, Daddy & Mummy went for Big Breakfast at MacDonald's while Baby A had his cereal and fruits.

After that, it was the whole afternoon at Takashimaya to do some more Xmas shopping.
Then, we headed to Woodlands to GongGong & PoPo's house!

Aunty Lipeng with Baby A. Both of them share the same birthday, how cool is that!

With my 83 years old Granny :)

PoPo has a Xmas present packed in a box!

Checking out all the X'mas shopping?

Later in the evening, it was dinner at Jack's Place with Baby A's Great-Grandma, Gong Gong, Po Po, Uncle JJ & Junwen.
Baby A looks bored because he could only have porridge, pumpkin, spinach and strawberries with banana custard. HEHE

It is beginning to look alot like X'mas! :)

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