Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hubby's 27th Birthday - Part II

It was Family Day for Birthday Dad, Baby Kai & Mummy :)
We went to Vivo City for a Marche lunch, then Baby Kai went for his first swim session.

Doing warm up exercises

Being plonked into the pool

Having a ball!

After awhile, he decided that it was more fun saying Hi to the people on the other side of the glass

Happy Lil swimmer :D

He kicked and laughed and swirled inside the pool for a good 30mins, after which he was whisked away for massage and he soon fell asleep soundly.

Brthday Dad:

with a sleepy monmon after a good workout

We did some more Xmas shopping today. Our Xmas shopping should almost be complete now!
Toys for Baby Kai - checked
Designer clothes for Baby Kai - checked
More Baby Kai's stuff - checked
L'Occitane bath, body & face pdts from Hubby to me - checked
Zara Men leather bag from me to Hubby - checked
Philips steam iron for Andy's mum - checked
and we are expecting even more more more Xmas presents from my brother Jay & his gf Liping from their HK trip next week. So excited!

The drive home after a long eventful noon with Baby Kai enjoying the breeze.

By the way, Daddy's birthday present this year:

Work Emotion 18-inch bronze sports rims.

Custom made and still being shipped over from Japan (it takes 6-8 weeks for the make-to-order for GTI plus shipping) . Too bad they cant make it in time for Hubby's birthday, but for the price I paid, it'd better be worth the wait!
I still cant understand how guys justify spending thousands of dollars on rims.. I mean, they are RIMS and not even tyres.. and they just sit on the exterior and roll on the roads.. Zzzzz.. I can buy a bag with this money... but anyhow...
Decided to splurge on Hubby this year since he has been a good boy thus far. Hehe..


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