Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Huiwen's wedding 29 Nov 2009

Charm, you wanna see my vainpot photos right? HEHE this is for you so you dont vomit hor..
My Day dress for "Jie mei", courtesy of my dearest Charm: an Ivory colored chiffon dress.

My Night dress

With the lovely bride Huiwen

With catwoman Angeline

Angeline & BF Shaun .. Everytime I see her I ask her to demonstrate how to do her Beehive hair SIA style.

After that, Crazy Carol arrived and started her nonsense about requesting 1982 Lafite redwine from the waitress and all her other madness so no more photos already HAHAHA

Gotta wait for Huiwen to update!

P.S. Over dinner just now, Andy suggested that Charmaine & Carol should mix together because both of them are equally crazy, and both bfs also like to play MJ. I think it's very dangerous for the general public if they are together though!

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