Sunday, April 1, 2012

Staycation at Rasa Sentosa

Maxi dresses: my figure-savers this pregnancy.

My face round round and my arms so flabby...............
Our private suite with personal outdoor jacuzzi.

Self-pampering before our spa appointments!

My favourite skincare line.

Then the doorbell rang. Bubbly room service for us!

with compliments :)

We ended the evening with dinner by the beach at Barnacles.

Last December, before I knew I was knocked up, I had all my leave booked for travel plans this year.
+ April Good Friday long weekend - Perth farm stay and Margaret River with Hubs & Adam
+ July - Hong Kong sales + Disneyland
+ October - Game fishing in Rompin
+ December - somewhere we've never been to before (we were thinking Europe or visiting Andy's relatives in Florida)

Now.... with all our travel plans shelved till God knows when, Hubby decided to book us a little staycation to get away from the rush and routine of daily life.
We chose Sentosa because it was away from the city.

Although we were technically still in Singapore, that little staycation did miracles to my mind & body.
Not waking up to alarms, not waking up to the kid, we basically spent all weekend sleeping, eating, relaxing in the sun, and just did nothing.
I was a greedy pregnant whale!

It was a good break. I love Adam to the ends of the universe of course, but I do miss my me-time.
Especially so when I'm pregnant and don't get much rest because I'm kept busy by him all the time.

Thank you Rasa Sentosa for the hospitality and offering us much respite.

I think I'm gonna need a few more hotel stays till I deliver!

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