Thursday, November 22, 2012

Feeling accomplished today.

Today, I woke up with great resolve. I brought Ashton out with me on Adam's Christmas wish-list mission.
Because I was alone, I did the only logical thing - I popped the baby into his pram and commuted by foot and train to... you wouldn't have guessed - Vivo City!
All the way from the East to the West. Then back again. By foot and train.

The Toys R Us at Tampines Mall did not have a great selection of Transformers, so I had to make the trip all the way to Vivo City's outlet.

I finally found something which was what Adam wanted and promptly paid for it with what little monies I had and lugged it back, toy, baby, diaper bag and all.

See how HUGE this thing is? I couldn't even fit it into the pram's basket.

A fancy schmancy toy with lights and sounds and everything!

It's even Fold & Go and comes with a Fire Engine just like what Adam has requested for.
I am mighty pleased with myself.

I had wanted the Vtech Explorer Globe which they didn't have. Why liddat??
Mothercare is also having SALES... 15% off Melissa & Doug toys and various other discounts.
After shopping, Ashton and I then proceeded with our lunches in the nursing room - I bought Burger King and Ashton feasted on my breasts as I was chomping down my food.
My Aunt LY and Andy were surprised that I dared to venture out sans helper and with a baby, but the truth is I've never really depended much on my helper for taking care of my children.
Dwi has been with us for 6 months till date and she has yet to even bathe any of our two children!
I enjoy doing all of the Mummy-stuff, and Dwi takes care of the housework.
We are all happy this way.

99% of me enjoys the diapering, bathing, changing, feeding for both kids as I think it gives me an edge on my children. There's something Mummy can do that no one else can.

I never imagined myself to one day be able to tell different types of vehicles apart, from dump trucks to cement mixers to bulldozers, from Hasbro Transformers to Playskool ones.
I am constantly amazed by my little ones.
Now, I have to find that helicopter with battery-operated propellers.

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