Sunday, November 25, 2012

Jean Yip Junior: Adam's haircut

Adam needs a haircut every month, the rate at which his hair grows is simply alarming!
Jean Yip Junior at Tampines Mall does kiddos' haircuts for $15.
Considering it's cheaper than Junior League by nearly half, we're definitely sticking to the former.

Adam's coconut hair in dire need of a trim. 

His stylist Patrick - patient, good with kids, and handsome. Any takers?!

Wax styling after haircut. Why so suave!

After his haircut, we went into *cough* Toys R Us (again!) and he promptly chopped his Dad's cabbage head by purchasing some more Transformers.

Adam's Transformers collection

Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. Hi, came across your blog via a search for children's haircut.. May I ask where do u bring your kids for a haircut, is it in tampines?

    1. Hi babe yes it's Jean Yip at Tampines Mall :)


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