Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I found a baby Mynah!

Was walking to my in-law's place from Tampines MRT when I saw a bunch of young children playing with a baby bird.
Another guy who witnessed the incident went over to stop the kids and a very busybody me went over to pick up the bird.
It was too dangerous leaving it where we found it because the kids might come back for it, but I tried leaving it at a nearby grass patch and observed from afar, other adult mynahs started pecking and attacking it.

Conclusion: I brought it home.
The whole time, it just stares at me like this

and this.

I quickly googled and found out that baby birds with feathers are called Fledglings.
And that I should be feeding it pellets and fruits.
My biggest problem is that it won't gape for food at all, so I've resorted to force-feeding it with some papaya and using a syringe to feed it water.

Now what should I do with it??
Any bird enthusiasts who'd like to adopt it?

Edit to add:
The next morning, the mynah fledgling has died. R I P.

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