Monday, November 5, 2012

Life as a working Mom

Clocking in my last month of maternity leave, I'll be returning to work in December, which is quite a scary thought right now.
I wonder how I'm gonna cope with work and the night feeds.
Ashton is still far from sleeping through the night, which is the part I'm dreading most.
May God save me.

The idea of resigning and being a stay-home Mommy ever crossed my mind, but then I subsequently decided against it.
First of all, laundry and scrubbing toilets do not feature in my Top Ten list of personal achievements.
Secondly, whoever said kids need your time and not your money?
As far as I know, my kids need my money. Lots of it.
School fees cost money - the teachers need to get paid.
Groceries and diapers cost money.
Organic stuff cost more than normal grocery.
And when the time comes, tuition and enrichment classes will cost money.
To top it all off, we have a live-in helper who is very high maintenance and cannot drive.

I need to work. I want to work.
The financial freedom is a bonus for my lifestyle, not just for my kids.
Moreover, working allows me to stay relevant, and gives me the opportunity to engage in conversations that do not involve bum cream and nappy rash.

So yeap. I'm going back to work. Soon.
Going to embark on an all-new journey as a full-time working Mom with two young kids, a Hubby and twelve Kois.
What a scary, scary thought.

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