Thursday, November 1, 2012

[Promotion] Crocs discount for all!

Hi all, I have a little goody to share.
Whether you like buying Crocs shoes for yourself or for your kids, Crocs is now giving a 20% discount voucher to everyone.

These are Adam's kicks for our Perth trip. They are lightweight and trendy, and easy for him to put on/ take off on his own.

All you have to do is to go to Crocs website here:

Participate in their Crocs™ – Your Path Your Style journey and at the end of it, you will receive the 20% discount coupon.

That's not all. After your purchase, go on to Crocs website again to do a short survey and redeem another 15% discount for your next purchase.
** Discount is valid for 30 days from purchase date, and if I'm not wrong the 20% discount coupon is valid till end-November.

So hurry and get your Crocs discount. It's that easy!

PS. I wish I get paid for this.

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