Friday, May 17, 2013

Adam's Transformers Fourth: a party in school

Our big baby turned 4 today and celebrated his birthday in school with his teachers and friends.
He requested for a Transformers themed party and being his slightly neurotic Mum, I obliged and went all out to source for everything Transformers that I could find.
First things first: all the behind-the-scene prep work!
Transformers blowouts

Transformers stationery sets

What goes into the loot boxes: Transformers stickers, pencils, ruler, notepad, paper clip, blowout, sharpener, and eraser. EVERYTHING Transformers!

The loot boxes for the kids at his party!


And what's a party without balloons??

On the morning of the party:
Loaded all the stuff in my car and making our way to school.

I'd do anything for my children, even if it means driving with a balloon bouquet out of my sunroof!

Transformers Cake from Bengawan Solo. He chose this design himself as he wants all his favourite characters in it.

With his classmates. Thankfully his uniform is blue and red, very "Optimus Prime", I don't have to go sourcing for T-shirts. Phew!

His proud moment, surrounded by friends and family. Even Andy, Ashton & I are wearing "Optimus Prime" themed colours!


Someone is giving the middle finger!

Adam serving us cake. So loved. We are extremely proud of you, baby!

Our first time ordering cake from Bengawan Solo because all along we've ordered from Pine Gardens or Decided to try Bengawan Solo after my friend told me they make Transformers cakes.
Surprisingly, the cake is very nice! The Blackforest chocolate & cherries are not too sweet and the fresh cream has a light taste and not too overwhelming. Thumbs up!
I rate it 4/5, bearing in mind it's meant mainly for children.

My baby had a fabulous time today.


HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY ADAM! We love you so much you have no idea.
May you be blessed with good health and a charmed life forever and always.

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