Saturday, May 25, 2013

What we did over the long weekend: Rompin fishing trip

What did you do on the Vesak Day weekend?
For me, I joined Hubby, my gal friend Clare, and her dad along with some of hubby's friends on a fishing trip to Rompin.
Drove up in the wee hours in the darkness until day break!

We are finally here!

Open-air toilet. So close to nature.

See what is on my hubby's shirt.. Bueh tahan...

Clare is the yellow-tail expert! She caught so many of those until can open market already.

Uncle Roland got a catch!

What is my husband fighting??

Hubby's monster catch


Uncle Roland so cute and comical, he says everything also need to take photo

As close to a Sailfish as we can get

One month no need to buy fish already

We ended the trip having dinner at the Kelong with our catches.

Barakuda claypot curry. Sedap!

Clare's yellow-tails.

I was a bit disappointed because I had solely wanted to catch Sailfish! But looks like the drizzly weather and season just weren't right. Thank goodness for the great company which more than made up for the bad weather.

And I missed my boys dearly! My 2, who when apart, want to be together, but when they are together, 1 of them ends up crying.
Which is exactly like me yesterday - when I'm away from them, I pine for them. But when I'm around them, 1 of us (me) ends up crumbling to the ground crying.
Oh my dear boys! Can't wait for you both to be big enough to join your Dad on fishing trips!

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