Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Coin depositing service for kids

Did you know??
Coin depositing service for your kids is non-surcharge chargeable.
That means, you can deposit any amount of coins into your kids' Savings account (OCBC or POSB kids) and you won't have to pay the $1.50 surcharge per 100pc of coins to the bank for processing.

Below is the coin depositing guide for POSB. Coin depositing service for POSB is available from Monday to Friday during their bank opening hours.
For OCBC, their coin deposit service is available only on Tuesdays and Thursdays 9am-11am.

I only knew about this today from my mummy-friend Twinkle!
Silly me always find coins so heavy and usually use them up first, to buy small items or tidbits for Adam.

Now, we have a new motivation and incentive for Adam to save up! By the way, we counted $80 worth of coins from his piggy Border Collie bank tonight and I told him I will help him save into his bank tomorrow. Didn't know my Hubby has been so diligent.

Hope you learned something new today!

P.S. Be sure to sort the coins according to denomination and pack them separately. For us, we used small ziplock bags which my clinic uses for sterile consumables.



  1. hey! dont have to sort the coins! u can just deposit them into the kids' accounts via the coin deposit machine! the machine will count the coins for u! :)

    1. Is it!! I have no idea! Thanks for informing :)

      I went to the branch, because I don't have any coin-deposit machine near my place.
      Can I go to DBS coin machine even though it's for POSB Kids??

      Thanks dear :)


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