Sunday, October 27, 2013

26 Oct 2013: Adam's year-end concert at school.

I woke up at 6:30AM on Saturday as I was feeling excited - my big baby is performing for his first time at his school's concert!
When he attended childcare centre in the past, they did not have such activities so it's a first for all in the family.
I personally ironed his costume, got both kids ready, and helped Adam put on some light makeup. 
I was a ball of nerves.


My shy Adam heading to the concert hall.

K2 graduation.

My big baby on stage! His class is singing a Filipino song Tong, Tong, Pakitong-kitong (The Crab Song).

All the levels and classes of children danced and sang so well. Their coordination was splendid!
They have been practicing hard for 8 weeks prior to today and it was no easy feat for these kids to go on stage and perform so well in front of the whole audience.
Although Adam is naughty in the company of people he is familiar with, he is very shy and antisocial by nature.
He's not the type to talk to strangers and every CNY visit is a nightmare for us, therefore to see such vast improvement in his confidence is a proud moment for me.
Thank you Changi Bethany School-House for all the effort and patience in training our children.
Your hands-on approach and working closely with parents is a reflection of the firm belief that learning begins at home.

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