Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mid-week morning madness.

This morning was a little bit crazy.
Instead of getting ready for school, Adam decided to do some gardening and roped in the baby as well.
Com'on children!! We are getting late for school.

I was supposed to drive Adam to school but in the morning as soon as we left home and walked to the lift, Adam complained loudly that his bag was dripping wet.
Took a peep inside his bag and realised my helper did not screw his bottle tight and the half the contents were swimming in his back pack!

Ran back indoors, got him changed into a fresh set of uniform, cleaned up the bag and refilled the bottle, and left home.
Then there was the snail-paced traffic because once we missed a certain timing, Upper Changi Road would be filled with cement trucks and heavy vehicles heading toward Expo and the Changi Industrial park. Eeecck!!!
When we reached school, his classmates were already in class so it was a hasty drop-off without a proper Good-bye hug and kiss.. Pfft.
Miss you Baby boy. See you later when you're back from school :)

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