Sunday, October 20, 2013

Meena's 39th birthday celebration.

My dear gal friend Meena is turning 39 (tomorrow!) and we went to her place to surprise her.
Charmaine did all the logistics, from ordering of cake to buying balloons and partyware.
Thank You so muchie!!
We pressed the door bell and hid beside the door and the Aunty came to open the door without wearing her bra and panties pleaseeeeeee....
Even Uncle Ramesh was surprised to see us gatecrash into their home on a Sunday night.

Vetrin is the happiest little boy I know.

Can you guess our theme already?? It's Strawberry Shortcake, Meena's fabourite cartoon character.
This jelly cake is damn nice!

No party is complete without matchy-matchy partware.

Happy family.

With my favourite girls. Love max. Always talk about our families, husbands, in-laws, children, dogs, and anything under the sun.
True friends are people who share the same twisted sense of humour and sarcasm, and can tell you anything honest in your face without you getting offended.

This cutie pie's peace sign is like ET! Why you so cute one!

Uncle saw us and immediately excused himself and disappeared for 10 min. Then he re-appeared with a Solvil et Titus box. So sweet even after so many years of marriage!

It's a bling bling watch. Pink somemore!
I remember when I was young (in my teenage years) I loved Solvil et Titus watches because Andy Lau was the ambassador. Heee...
Happy Birthday Meena!
Hope that our friendship will last like your Solvil et Titus watch, because Andy Lau said this watch was 天长地久 (to the end of time).
It was funny how we all got to know each other - believe it or not, we met through our dogs!
Thanks for your friendship my dear. Hope you enjoyed your Strawberry Shortcake themed surprise :)

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