Sunday, October 20, 2013

Weekend engagement

The husband is out of town this weekend, he has gone on a fishing road trip to Malaysia.
You know what this means, don't you?
I get the bed to myself, and some peaceful rest. No snoring, no farting.
Best of all, one less "baby" for me to handle. *jumps for joy*

I brought the kids back to my Mum's for dinner.
My favourite aunt with her favourite grand-nephews.

Drove all the way up north from the east, and then back again.
With 2 monsters at the backseat whining/ singing/ babbling/ chattering, and nursery songs blasting from the stereo.

When we got home, I crawled into my bed and died Adam made me help him with his ice-cream Playdoh, and read some Dr Seuss books to them before bed.
My head might explode.

On Sunday, they woke up bright and early, at 7:30AM, and wanted to feed the kois and do some gardening. I had just barely fell asleep I swear.

Watering plants at 7:30AM on a Sunday morning??!!!
Actually he watered the fish, but don't tell Daddy.

Psst. Ashton started toddling last week. He's been taking penguin steps and crashing into whoever has out-stretched arms. Damn cute but we all know there's trouble once these buggers start walking.

Adam harvested some eggplant and capsicums from our home garden though. We were discussing what to cook them with, in the end we decided to bring them to the zhi-char stall tonight and cook them with our favourite Asam fish head.

We then spent the rest of the day mostly indoors, making some more ice-cream with Playdoh (the kids) and fixing some broken toys and replacing batteries for old toys (me).
And cleaning up the mess of Playdoh crumbs on every visible inch of the floor (me again).

Hope you had a great weekend like we  the kids did! 
Oooh, I can't wait for Monday - getting dressed up for work, looking decent in some makeup, and engaging in adult conversations.


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