Saturday, October 31, 2015

Adam's K2 graduation concert.

Today, our K2-er graduated from Kindergarten.
This will most likely be the last time we set foot in Changi Bethany School House, a spacious and nurturing preschool which Adam enjoyed attending for the last 3 years.
We went around the school compound a last time.
changi bethany school house kindergarten singapore
The huge kindergarten compound with its playground

changi bethany school house kindergarten
and a vegetable garden with seats under the shade of a Mango tree.

The vegetables are flourishing

changi bethany school house kindergarten singapore
Ashton said his favourite are eggplants.

pink jujube bff ju ju be hello kitty lucky stars Singapore mom blogger
Rocking pink today with my rockstud pumps, a present from Hubby to match my pink B.


jujube bff ju ju be Singapore Hello kitty lucky stars diaper bag mom blogger
My Jujube Hello Kitty Lucky Stars BFF diaper bag.
This bag is the BFF for all mothers!

The kinda studs in my life.

Time's up for us to head upstairs for the graduation and year-end concert.

We managed to get the first few pews to get a better look of Adam!

Adam Tan tian kai graduate K2 changi bethany school house kindergarten
Seeing our firstborn in his convocation gown is surreal.
I am overcome with sadness, pride, happiness, anxiety, all at the same time!
I cannot believe I have been a mother for 6 years now.

Adam Tan tian Kai graduation convocation concert Changi bethany kindergarten
My last time cheering for him from these pews.

Changi bethany school house kindergarten mrs charis ang
Groupie with Adam's Chinese teachers and Vice-principal Mrs Charis Ang.
Thank you Changi Bethany School House for helping me raise my Adam into a confident and happy child.
It is my hope that he will continue to grow and serve in God's ways.
We pray that he will enjoy learning in a new environment next year, but never forget to be young at heart and have fun.

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