Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Belated post: My Milestone celebration

I recently turned 30. Bummer, I feel terribly old!
It was Saturday, on the eve of the day Ashton has to admit to KKH (Sunday)... My gal pals came over to celebrate, even though I had told them not to!
They asked me how I would like to celebrate my birthday this year and I simply replied them not to spend any money this year, just pray for Ashton's surgery to be a success. But they came over to spring a surprise on me anyway. Feel so touched!
I just got home from work and prior to that had some guests over so I was looking quite unbecoming of myself. But heck. Anyway...
Charm's boys - Royce and Tommy

Some finger food as I have not had lunch, having came back from work.

My favourite Lychee Martini cake. I'm so aunty like that.

My greedy baby! He thinks every cake is in honor of him. Seriously.

Adam is still hypnotising the cake.

My girls!

My boys :)


For my Milestone Birthday, Hubby gave me a watch and upgraded my engagement ring. Ever since my first pregnancy some 4 years ago, I have not been able to fit my ring and hence it has been in storage ever since. We actually had to change the entire band and added some diamonds to it. When I wore it for the first time in 4 years, I felt so blessed and loved and memories of us dating and getting engaged flooded me. Thank you Hubby for spoiling me rotten.

After Ashton was discharged, my family and in-laws came over to our place for a steamboat gathering as a belated celebration and a decent-post-discharge-meal of sorts.
In this life I have been extremely blessed to have wonderful friends, family and loved ones surrounding me. Words cannot express my gratitude and love toward them.
May God bless them exceedingly and abundantly because they are Angels in my life who deserve nothing less.


And for those of you who recently grew older than you would like...

credit: Lessons learned in life, on Facebook.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Back to my Mumzilla days

I'm back to my old routine of being a Mumzilla to the two boys.
Lots of Mummy Admin going on in our household over the past few days - fetching Adam to and from school, swim lessons, feeding, cleaning, bathing, diapering Ashton etc.
My greatest concern now is keeping Ashton's wound clean.
Due to the incision site being just 2-3cm away from his anus, and the fact that a breastfed baby has runny poop, his feces often get into his wound dressing and I have to keep changing the dressing.
Everyone in the family is afraid to touch Ashton's wound, that leaves me as the only eligible wound care nurse. Pfft.
Leading a dog's life, I am herding Adam around the house / neighbourhood like a Border Collie; and sniffing out Ashton's bum like a narcotics Hound for any signs of poo poo.

At bath time one evening, I was washing Adam's bum and retracting his foreskin to wash his penis and he turned and told me, "Mummy I have a big penis."
Me: "Oh, who told you that Baby??"
Adam: "Ah ma told me..."
Me: (Well, I agree son..but...makes mental note to ask my MIL the next day) "Wow, I see. Don't go around telling the girls in class Ok?"
I can't imagine how my life will be like when my son has a girlfriend!

By bedtime I'm usually ready to knock-out.
But you know how it is.
I lie in bed with the boys, pretending to be asleep, and hoping and praying they'll sleep ASAP so I can get my own rest/ do my online banking/blogging/reading etc.
At the critical moment when they gradually stop tossing and turning, beeping sounds come from the front door as the password unlocks, the Husband is home. Sounds of door opening and closing. Lights on. Keys and bag on the table. Kids see their Daddy at their door and they are aroused from sleep.

Oh. Damn. It.
There goes.
Welcome back to my slightly insane world.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Baby Ashton's hospital updates.

Thanks everyone for all your texts and messages on Facebook, Whatsapp and SMS. Thank you for asking, I am grateful that Ashton is in your thoughts.
As it is nearly impossible to reply each and everyone of you due to us settling back at home, I have decided to come up with an update for our family and friends.

Ashton and I waiting in Children OT, he is changed into his gown, fasted for many hours, and waiting for his Anaesthetist to come bring him in. I am all nerves. Stay strong baby! Mummy will be waiting right here.
We were told it was going to be a 3-hour op due to the complexity of the spinal structure and the risks involved in the nerves, but his surgeon Dr Seow called me 1.5 hours later to inform me the surgery was over. Thank God!

While waiting for Ashton's turn, I met a Grandma carrying a wee baby, smaller than Ashton. She shared with me he was only 3 months old and going for surgery for his undescended testicles. I made a remark in passing "Wah, so young ah.." and she told me, this is nothing compared to what he had been through - at 2 mths of age, he underwent open-heart surgery to fix a "hole in his heart".
I was devastated.

Throughout our hospital stay, I met many other unfortunate and poorly children and compared to their plights, Ashton's ordeal seemed very minuscule. My heart goes out to those children.


After my baby woke up from the op, we were transferred to High Dependency unit due to his tender age and the worry for infection.

At the High D, there were no beds for parents to sleep on because of the machines and lines everywhere.
I slept on a chair for those 3 nights, and many times I woke up with aching bones, awoken by the noise of the beeping and buzzing of the mointoring equipment. It was truly unbearable, I couldn't wait to get transferred out!

Day 2 - He yanked out his IV line which is meant for Morphine, his pain control. He had another IV plug on his ankle, but by evening he yanked that out as well. Since then he has been Morphine-free and pain-free. Thankfully, he wasn't in distress at all, as the doctors couldn't do anything to him!

Day 2 - The naughty rascal - can you tell this little baby had major surgery to his spine the day before?

Day 3 - After 3 nights in High D, he was stable enough to be transferred to a normal ward. KKH Ward 86. The nurses there are awesome.

 So thankful to finally have somewhere to sleep on! A foldable couch is better than sleeping on a chair that's for sure!
One downside of being in private ward is the 24/7 aircon. Can you spot our Osim uMist Baby?? Heh...

With Dr Seow Wan Tew, Head and Senior Consultant of Paediatric Neurosurgery, KKH.
He performed the surgery personally for us and he came by daily to visit Ashton despite his busy schedule and the fact that his other patients are seen by his Consultants and subordinates.

We were fortunate enough to be under the care of the best Pd Neurosurgeon in the country. 

Day 5 - Ashton has been given the all-clear and is ready to go home! We miss home! Thanks everyone for your well wishes and prayers. We are eternally grateful.

As it was my *ahem* 30th Birthday, my gal friends Charmaine & Meena gave me an Angpao because I told them not to get me anything as I would be in the hospital on my birthday, I didn't think there was any reason to celebrate.

While we have been very fortunate to be able to afford the best care for Ashton, I am aware there are many under-privileged children out there from my stay in the hospital this week.
I have therefore donated the money to Children's Cancer Foundation, Singapore. It is not alot of money, but hopefully it is enough to make a difference to a child's life.

"People pay the doctor for his service; for his kindness they remain in his debt".
thank you Dr Seow and your wonderful team of doctors and nurses who delivered nothing but the most competent care to us. We are eternally indebted to you.

My baby was hospitalised

This week has been a long roller coaster ride for us. Ashton was admitted to KKH on Sunday night and had surgery on Monday. Our baby was born with a fatty tissue on his spine and surgery was needed to correct it.
I will share more of it in another post if I have time.

Alone in the nights staring at my child on the hospital bed, I was tired but couldn't sleep, hungry but had no appetite to eat. I think even if I were thrown into a jungle with nothing, I wouldn't feel half as helpless as what I'm experiencing.
But for the sake of my children I must soldier on, for God gives his fiercest battles to his strongest soldiers.
Sleepless nights spent in the cold wards with only a chair for bed is nothing compared to the ordeal Ashton is going through.

I felt scared and lost when I first learnt of his diagnosis but I am lucky to have supportive angels around me (**non-mummy and mummy friends alike who had or hadn't have children undergone major surgeries) who rallied by us throughout and constantly checked on me for updates.
Charmaine, Meena & I were on Whatsapp groupchat and they said it was my 24-hour "help line" and sent me videos to keep me occupied. What would I be without such wonderful friends?

The toughest part is helping Adam cope. He's a sensitive boy who loves his brother fiercely and always wants to be around Ashton. He even wants to wear the same clothes as Ashton!
My lovely twins, born 3 years apart. Adam is totally smitten by his brother and they have been sleeping in the same room since Ashton was 2 months old so it's mighty tough for the boys to be separated.

I also found it difficult to be in 2 places at one time shuttling between hospital when Ashton is sleeping & rushing home to be with Adam in the evenings when he is back from school. Even giving him a bath & changing him into his PJs before bed are precious moments to me because time is very scarce and I have to rush back to the hospital before Ashton wakes up for the next breastfeed. Andy has been a real gem, the unsung hero, quietly chauffeuring my MIL, helper and I up and down, without any complaints.

When we were waiting for Ashton outside the theatre, Andy sat quietly at a corner playing games on his iPhone but instead of getting mad & accusing him of being heartless, I know that's Andy's way of coping. My husband is a man of few words, but sometimes it's the unspoken that tell you so much more.

For my past birthdays, I wished for nice bags and shoes and when I got them, I wanted nicer/ more expensive ones.
This year, I spent my Big Three in the High Dependency Ward. In retrospect, all those material things are worthless to me now even if they cost an arm and a leg. Nothing is more important than the speedy recovery of Ashton and simply being able to be with my children, husband and loved ones.

My baby, so small and helpless. I am his source of food, love and comfort. To him, I am his everything. I am his Mummy. Therefore, Mummy is everything.
Oh I just hope that Ashton's wound would heal fast so his stitches can be out soon.
I miss home, I miss our old routine of noisy, pesky kids before bedtime and I miss cuddling them both to bed.

“I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish He didn't trust me so much.” - Mother Teresa.

** Thank you Joey, Jas, MagMag, Charmaine, Meena, Twinkle, and so many other people whom I cannot list all at once. But your friendship and support is very much cherished. Thank you.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

[Review] OSIM uMist Baby air humidifier

We are lucky recipients of an OSIM uMist Baby air humidifier as a complimentary gift, so I've decided to do a quick review of it.
Product information:
The fine mist evaporates easily to humidify your room and helps to moisturise your skin, soothe your throat and moisten your airways, relieving breathing difficulties caused by dry air.

It has a night light function which is especially helpful for children's rooms.
Air humidifiers need no introduction, as they have been around in the market for quite some time.
The uMist Baby came in handy because it has been a season of flu and bugs for our family and every parent knows what a nightmare it is when children fall sick!
I like that it is very small and easily placed at a corner of the boys' room.
The only downside however, is that due to its small chamber size, water needs to be refilled daily if you turn it on through the night.

Other than that, I find that it is a great product because I woke up without a dry throat even though I was having sore throat, and I didn't hear the boys wheezing at night which happen when they have dry nasal passages.

Edit to add: Another advantage of OSIM uMist Baby is the mist doesn't leave any water marks AT ALL even though I put it right next to the curtains. Fantastic!

Retails for SGD$88 at all OSIM outlets.

Thank you OSIM!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Gardens by the Bay

Went to Gardens by the Bay tonight for dinner and a stroll, where we joined thousands in the crowd seeing Super Trees, Super Trees, and more Super Trees.

After so many days of eating restaurant food, I'm craving for good ol' hawker fare.

Round round Buddha-baby so tame and so lovable, but lately it's been quite a chore breastfeeding him because he is so kaypo and turns his head to watch TV / look at people and exposing my "raisins" to the world.

My little boyfriend

20-plus kilos on Hubby's shoulders = no joke!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy 1st day of Water Snake year!

What a busy first day of the Lunar New Year! As usual, we went visiting and it's Ashton's first year celebrating Chinese New Year and collecting Angpaos.
After spending the entire day out and about, and having my children live out of the diaper bag, we went home for a quick shower before heading out to dinner.
While seemingly the rest of Singapore is closed for the festivities, we managed to book a reservation for steamboat buffet at M Hotel.
So comforting to have piping hot steamboat in the cold rainy weather.


My cheeky monster. Although Adam is always making my blood pressure rise and I always have to give him my Goldfish-eyeball stares, but I still adore him to bits.

My MIL knows that I don't like to peel prawn shells and my Hubby is one weird specimen who consumes the prawn whole (shell included, therefore he also doesn't peel prawns), so she peeled them for me.. So loved!

My beautiful family. So in love with them and so loved by them. Just the other night, Adam told me "Mummy I love you too much"  :)

Loving my vibrant blue and turqoise peacock Bodycon dress from Tracyeinny.
Bag: Hermes Picotin PM
I wish everyone a Happy and Precious Chinese New Year, filled with lots of health, joy and peace!
May your resolutions come true.
Love lots, smile always :)