Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Back to my Mumzilla days

I'm back to my old routine of being a Mumzilla to the two boys.
Lots of Mummy Admin going on in our household over the past few days - fetching Adam to and from school, swim lessons, feeding, cleaning, bathing, diapering Ashton etc.
My greatest concern now is keeping Ashton's wound clean.
Due to the incision site being just 2-3cm away from his anus, and the fact that a breastfed baby has runny poop, his feces often get into his wound dressing and I have to keep changing the dressing.
Everyone in the family is afraid to touch Ashton's wound, that leaves me as the only eligible wound care nurse. Pfft.
Leading a dog's life, I am herding Adam around the house / neighbourhood like a Border Collie; and sniffing out Ashton's bum like a narcotics Hound for any signs of poo poo.

At bath time one evening, I was washing Adam's bum and retracting his foreskin to wash his penis and he turned and told me, "Mummy I have a big penis."
Me: "Oh, who told you that Baby??"
Adam: "Ah ma told me..."
Me: (Well, I agree son..but...makes mental note to ask my MIL the next day) "Wow, I see. Don't go around telling the girls in class Ok?"
I can't imagine how my life will be like when my son has a girlfriend!

By bedtime I'm usually ready to knock-out.
But you know how it is.
I lie in bed with the boys, pretending to be asleep, and hoping and praying they'll sleep ASAP so I can get my own rest/ do my online banking/blogging/reading etc.
At the critical moment when they gradually stop tossing and turning, beeping sounds come from the front door as the password unlocks, the Husband is home. Sounds of door opening and closing. Lights on. Keys and bag on the table. Kids see their Daddy at their door and they are aroused from sleep.

Oh. Damn. It.
There goes.
Welcome back to my slightly insane world.


  1. My son too tell me about his penis too.. Haha.. Ask me see his bird bird big big.. Kids nowadays really dun noe how to say.. Smart?! Glad ur uounger sob operation went well.. Now waiting for my son appointment with kk as suspect of undescended testicles.. Haiz.. Hope I can b strong a u..

    1. Hello Rac,
      I guess when they are at this curious age, anything also fascinates them, including private bits. LOL.

      Oh dear so sorry to hear about your son's "problem". But how did you find out? Or did his PD find out and told you? How old is he now?
      I wish it's nothing serious and just "suspect" only... But in any case, it's never easy for us as parents when there's something out of the norm with our kids!!
      You guys will be in our thoughts/prayers.

      Do keep me updated! :)

      And oh, I'm not as strong as you think I am! There were many times (initially) I cried till my vision became blur and I was so devastated because in all my life, I've only gone under the knife to take my babies out, and now we're talking to a Neurosurgeon about opening my son's spine!!! I was petrified.
      I hope I can share our story with you if I have time.

      God bless you Rac!


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