Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tornado-torn house

When Baby A was about 8 mths old, he started standing up. Then he started cruising and has been cruising ever since. He cruises along his cot, the tables, our beds, and has recently graduated to pulling things off em.
This morning, he cruised in his cot to my dresser and pulled off my entire makeup drawer, smashing my perfume bottles and shattering my glass makeupbrush-holder in the process.
On Saturday, I was home alone with him when he broke a vase and Alice's ceramic bowl.

But it's ok. I don't use much perfume now anyway, and I can always get a new brush holder, and a dog bowl. Made of plastic please.

Meanwhile, here's a photo of our broken wall, where our curtain rail used to hang. It came off when Baby A hauled himself up from lying to standing position using our unlucky curtain, when he was 9 mths old. When the curtain came tumbling down with the rail, so did the poor Baby. But of course, all attention went to the baby instead of the wall. Smart ploy I say.

They warned that once the baby comes, I will have no time for my dogs, so it's better to give the dogs away. But I beg to differ. Once the baby came, I have no time for the baby! Because my dogs can pretty much take care of themselves, the baby can't. 24 hours is never quite enough for a baby. Nor myself.

God. I need a bigger diamond pendant. And the brand new glistening Omega mother-of-pearl face watch. And that Martello gourmet coffee maker. Really. Really.

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