Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kai's attempt in self-feeding

Question: What is Baby Kai up to??

And why is the greedy dog involved?!

Answer: This is actually Baby Kai in his food adventure.

With some success in self-bottlefeeding, I'm trying to get him to self-feed as well. But as you can see, more food ends up on the table and floor than in his mouth -__-"

Also, he likes to use his hands more than his utensils. Even though I offer utensils to him, he will end up using his hands instead.
Any recommendations for successful dining etiquette??

P.S. You can tell I'm not the fussy freak kinda Mom can't you? :P
I won't fret over my children rolling in the grass in the name of good clean fun, so to speak, and call me insane, but I actually think ingesting some dog fur won't kill em children either.

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