Friday, February 18, 2011

Brekkie with Chris

Chris called me early this morning when I was still asleep and said she was feeling down, asked if I wanted to come out for breakfast.
I haven't had alfresco breakfast with a mommy friend in a long long time so I hurriedly jumped out of bed, had a quick shower and drove over to fetch Chris and Noah.

We went for everybody's favourite breakfast - can never go wrong with MacDonald's big breakfast and hotcakes.
Meet Noah - he is a bear with highlights in his hair.

I miss having a portable lil baby in my arms everywhere I go. Now, Adam is always in school and I haven't brought him out to meet my gal friends in eons already.

It was a short brekkie at East Coast Park, the weather was cool and it was tranquilly quiet on a weekday morning, which did wonders for Chris' overwhelmed mind.
Sometimes it is just perfect to hang out with friends, not having to dress up, forget about the mundane-ness of everyday life, and just chill, relax, talk over food and drinks. A short hour or two to allow eachother to grouse about our frustrations and let off some steam.

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