Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Why choose Organic

I get asked this alot - "Why choose Organic?"
My answer is very simple - Children are born in the purest state and we should continue this purity into weaning and the foods they eat.
This is a subjective topic and you don't necessarily have to agree with my views.

I started my organic craze even before I got pregnant but was more into skincare and shampoo back then. When I was pregnant and when Adam started solids, I was all the more into eating organic food.

Vegetables, Fruits, Grains, ToufuI try to choose and buy only certified organic produce as much as possible.
This means they conform to the stringent checks and standards required to be organic. They are not only free from pesticides, they are also free of hormones, genetic modification, antibiotics etc. They also need to be grown/harvested in an organic-appropriate environment, ie. Cows feed on organically grown grass that are fertilised naturally by animal waste and they produce organic milk. Therefore, it is a complete healthy cycle.

I buy normal fresh meat from the markets because organic meat is not available fresh at where I'm staying. However, you can choose the healthier options like free-range kampong chicken instead of farm chickens; fish from the sea instead of farm-reared fish.
I buy more fish like salmon and cod and lesser of other meats because I try to stick to the Blood-group Diets. Our entire family is blood-type A, so we need to eat more greens than meat. I substitute most meat with fish to get DHA and protein.

After I stopped breastfeeding Adam, I put him on Bellamy's Organic milk.
Since he turned 1 year old, I give him a mix of Bellamy and fresh milk.
I choose Meiji and Pura after doing a nutrition-label comparison at the supermarkets (compare the Protein, Fat, Energy levels). Pura is expensive because the milk is from grass-fed cows from Australia. Most other brands use cows that are grains and animal-feed fed.
On top of that, he drinks Bellamy Organic formula milk when we need to be out and about (due to feasibility).
We are always told by our Obstetricians and Paediatricians to eat healthily/avoid alcohol when we breastfeed because what we eat eventually goes to the BM that we feed our babies.
It is only logical to continue giving the purest and best milk when we stop breastfeeding and start weaning.
I'm not a fan of commercial FM which has alot of additives and high sugar content like Sucrose and corn syrup/starch.

It is impossible to go entirely organic and the occasional junk food is unavoidable. It is also expensive to feed organic food.
I get people tell me eating Organic will lower one's immune system because the body is not exposed to "germs and harmful food" to build up the resistance to them.
I want to tell these people, "You are what you eat". When I know what steroids and drugs have been injected into crops to achieve greater yield, or what GM does to make tomatoes look more red, I can't help but to steer away from them.
Even as adults, our bodies generate and replace new cells all the time. Your diet is going to determine how your body metabolises and "uses" those food.
We adults eat to sustain lives but our precious little ones eat to grow.
Every morsel of food they consume eventually goes into creating the bodies they are gonna have for the rest of their lives.

Therefore, the choice is yours.

Disclaimer: Author is a practicing nurse in the largest maternal and children hospital in Singapore and as a Mom has keen interest in children's health and development. However, she does not represent the views of any organization or affiliation, and is in no way related to the retailers of organic products in Singapore.

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