Tuesday, February 8, 2011

CNY lunch with my Sisters

Met up with my girls today noon for a intimate lunch date - just the 5 of us: Chris, Charmaine, Clare, Meena & I. (and 2 little boys Vetrin and Noah)
I dropped Adam at school and went to the market to buy fruits/whip cream for our lunch and whip cream dessert.

It isn't always that we have the luxury to sit down in a group and eat, chat, eat, chat.
Nothing beats the privacy and familiarity of your own home or a friend's home.
And did I tell you food is best eaten shared? :)

Our Jap miso-soup steamboat with the Chinese ingredients for CNY.

A nice cozy dining corner for us ladies.

My besties! 4 of us, missing 1 - Chris. She had to leave early to teach her maid and to fetch Nat from school. Clare (1st from left) is going to take up Nursing. I feel excited for her and asked the inevitable - "Are you afraid of dead people?" and she gave me a bochup look and replied "Just do it". Way to go! Another healthcare personnel to add to the circle. Charmaine says she will gag and vomit and pinch her nose at the sight of shit. -______-

Our polarioids (mis)adventures :D

Now cheeky Vetrin is at the age where he's learning to walk and sweeping things off the table. Very soon, Meena!! HAHAHAHHA

Nonchalant Noah. Without a care in the world. Propped up in his carseat to enjoy the company. I love babies this age! Easy peasy.

I love my girls. Best friends are people who've seen the best and worst of you but still accept and love you for who you are. You may disagree and you may fight, but at the bottom of your heart you know these people are here to stay.

The next person to be promoted to a Mother must be Charmaine. I can't wait for her to have a Poop Machine of her own! Her wedding is a good 8 mths away but I'm already planning Adam's outfit. I'm going to dress him in a Tuxedo and let him be the page boy. So excited!


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