Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm (turning) 28 !!!!!!!

Last year, my besties & husband ganged up and threw a surprise 27th Birthday Party for me.

This year, same gang, better photos and better everything :D
Celebrated my Birthday today with the people I love most in my life (other than Hubby of course) ---> My sisters!!!

At Irodori Jap restaurant.

"What on earth is that???????!!!"

"My name is Meena, and I have never had Japanese food in my life. Is it a sin to eat pregnant fish??"

I'm glad my darling Prince came along :)

Chris with Noah the bear.


A friggin' HERMES cake!!!!!!!!!!


I made a wish alrighty

She baked the haute cake! ;)

Celebrating with my loved onessssss

Presents from my gals....
"Have courage" !!!

More presents in a present :D

Hubby had this delivered to Irodori restaurant while we were having our meal. Thanks Hubby & Daddy. I love you too! :)

Thank you my girls. You truly made my day!
I'm really lucky and blessed to have you all in my life. God has been terrific to me. He gave me many wonderful angels in my life, like planting stars in my sky.
I do love you all soooooo much!!

and finally:

I have never doubted that I have the best friends in the world.
and thank you my gem of a husband, for ganging up with my gfs and planning the cake and everything behind my back.

p.s. If you want fabulous cakes, you know where to go:
she's taking (limited) orders, she just has no time to upload more photos of her wonderful creations :)

p.s.s I'm flying to HK tomorrow with my parents and son!! Back next week. Love ya'll :)

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