Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Birthday to me

Birthday pressies from the Hubby and dearest son :)

Present from Kai and Hubz: my boys shared $$ to buy this for me. Kai used his angpao $$. I am extremely touched!
As you might know, I had a bumpy start to 2011 (battling with Bronchitis and giving away my diva dog), so it's time to charm it up!

Clockwise from top: Clover leaf for Luck, Peace sign, Pram to symbolise my journey into Motherhood and for being Adam's Mom, Sagittarius for Hubz, Red heel for me. I love it!

Another arm-candy in a lovely distressed Anthracite for me to use as a baby bag.

Nicole Richie hearts Bal-bag. So do I :)

Another DSLR to add on to my collection - EOS 550D. It's an expensive hobby, but I've been a good girl and Andy's been very enabling :)

My cam family:


And also..... I'm going on an expenses-paid holiday to HK with my parents & my dearest baby boy, on my Birthday weekend! *jumps in joy*
My big boy is unable to come due to his never-ending work, but oh..... he's letting me get away with shopping... all charged to him of course. HEHEHEHEHE

Tory Burch had better stock up on Charmaine's and my sizes ;)


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