Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday: Dylan's 1st Birthday Bash

It's Dylan's 1st Birthday and we were invited!
Venue: YCK Grassroot Club Children's Playroom.
There's an indoor playground that's cushioned everywhere which makes it a safe and fun place for the children. A great venue for a kid's party.

Me carrying Cloris' baby Jerome and Kai reaching out to pat him.

Meiyee's princess Alecia.

Meiyee and Cloris' prince Jerome.

CK, Meiyee's hubby and Alecia.

My 2 boys.

Sharon, Thomas & Dylan the handsome birthday boy.

All together now!

It was a Mickey Mouse themed party as you can see. Lots of balloons and Mickeys everywhere.
It must be every parent's proudest moment when their babies turn one.
Hope Dylan likes the present we got him ^__^

I took a few sample shots with my new DSLR, because I'm gonna be the unofficial photographer for my niece Noelle's 1st Birthday party in March! Exactly a month from now on 20 March 2011 Sunday :)

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