Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hello from Parc Lumiere

I'm now at the new home with Aunt LY checking for defects and testing all the aircon units. It's a tedious process but we're enjoying every part of it as I know it'll eventually be worth it!

Signing off,

edit to add:
Here's Kai checking out his new home..

He said he wants to "you yong" (swim) inside the planter.... -__-

Chose his room and showing it off to Grandma, Daddy & uncle Tony

"Mummy, my new room!"
Sorry peeps if I sometimes take ages to reply SMSes or miss your calls. I've been busy as a bee with the new home, meeting contractors and different people for different quotations. Oh yah, we've given the go-ahead to our landscaping company to install a Koi pond in the balcony just yesterday, complete with Chengal wood decking as Andy & I had originally planned. I'm meeting more contractors tomorrow, and the week that follows. On top of all these, I have to rush for lectures and meet assignment deadlines. So yeap... forgive me for MIA-ing. Checking back soon!


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