Friday, March 4, 2011

Kai goes to Uni

My mom-in-law has taken the day off today and left me alone "on the job" to take care of Kai.
I had to pay my school fees and the only next best person I can trust, Aunt LY, has agreed to go with us to uni and take care of Kai while I ran my errand.

Aunt LY and Kai at the school koi pond where she taught Kai about fishes, water, and plants.

I am eternally indebted to my Aunt LY for her selfless help, I am forever grateful.
She is truly godsend.

For a toddler who isn't even 2 yet, Kai can speak alot. In fact, he started articulating since he was around 12 months old, in simple double-syllables then.
Now, he can form simple sentences to articulate his intentions, like "Kai Kai 走走 (going out), Bye bye"; and he can converse bilingually eg "开, open"; "机机, Airplane" ; "ant, 蚂蚁" etc

I started him on board books and fabric books since he was a baby, talking to him, reading to him, and everything we see, use flash cards to match objects for him, like these below:

Now that he is attending half-day school, learning becomes a two-way process and is further enhanced.
In my opinion, there is no point packing your kids off to the most expensive or top-notch schools and let them come home to a helper or someone who isn't going to reinforce their learning at home.
I didn't have a child to let some stranger bring him up.

I am a very hands-on parent and I believe in doing as much as I can, myself.
And that's not because I'm a SAHM now, I did all those when I was still working Full-time and studying Part-time!! So working Moms should not be disheartened - nothing is impossible!
Learning is about the planned and unplanned. Even when we go for walks in the park with our dog, or to the supermart to grab groceries, chances for learning is aplenty.
Even when Kai is playing in the bath, I use a toy pail to teach him what is full/empty, what is clean/dirty, dry/wet.

I am very fortunate to have able help from my MIL and Aunt LY, so that I don't have to worry about the chores and it also frees up quality time for me to engage Kai in meaningful activities.

Teaching is not just about the classroom. In fact, learning starts from home.

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