Sunday, December 23, 2012

Saturday lunch: Queen & Mangosteen

This rainy afternoon we found ourselves joining a zillion other people at Vivo City, with Adam spending most of the time at Toys R Us.

We stopped by Queen & Mangosteen for lunch which was an expensive disappointment.

The crowns were probably the only things I liked about the restaurant.

The food was disappointing. The yellow oil-looking liquid is supposed to be Pumpkin soup.

These are the Chicken strips which Adam ordered from their Kids Menu, and they were spicy. How many three year-olds do you know eat spicy?!

Their miserable Mixed Grill platter for (supposedly) 2 which Andy & I shared... which had only 1 pciece of each item. Half a prawn for each of us. Half a sausage too... in fact, half of everything to be shared between 2 adults.

The literally garden salad which had no dressing, and the Whipped potato which is literally just that.

Adam is not pleased!

Maybe that's why there's a need to move on.
One thing's for sure - we're definitely not returning there again.

Hope your Saturday was better than ours. Christmas is just round the corner and I went to church tonight singing along to all the Christmas caroles. Lovely weekend everyone! :)


  1. I had always passed by that restaurant and wanted to try. but my boy always refuse to enter the restaurant.Seems that I din miss out anything. Brotzeit is the better choice. the boy enjoys the nice view of alfresco dining, not forgetting the mini train chugging pass every 10 minutes.

  2. Hi Anon,
    thank you for reading for blog. Yes and the bill came up to be $100+ considering the food is nothing marvellous.

    Thanks for the recommendation, we will try Brotzeit next time. We actually walked right past it to get to Queen & Mangosteen :)


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