Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hubby is 30!

My husband recently turned 30, and we had an intimate celebration at home with his best friends and family.

Can you believe it. Andy is 30!!! Thirty years old. Of which, I have partaken in for ten years.
Ten emotional roller-coaster years filled with ups and downs. He is my best friend, my nemesis, my honest critic and the father of my children.

10 Things about my husband:
1) He snores (very loudly).
2) His farts are brutal.
3) He likes Manchester United.
4) He lives to eat, not vice versa.
5) He whips up a mean dish of salted-egg crabs.
6) He is born to fish but forced to work
7) But his work is his family business so it doesn't really matter
8) His idea of housework is "sweeping the dust under the carpet" or so to speak, as long as stuff aren't visible.
9) He is (extremely) afraid of the dark. And ghosts. He's a wuss like that.
10) Did I mention he likes Manchester United??

We had catered food

and copious amounts of lovely chilled bubbly. The Bottega was particularly sweet.

See this Erin relaxing and having leg massage like a boss!

I wore a Givenchy dress. Love that Rottie.

According to my husband, 30 is the new 20.

Have a rockin' weekend all!

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